melodies in memories (kuroigunman) wrote,
melodies in memories

wtf jinhwancentric.

I claimed 오진환 !

오진환 is my husband !

I claimed the captivating eyes of 오진환 !

오진환 is my long-haired man !

Whole body of 오진환 belongs to me !

The smile of 오진환 belongs to me !

I claimed 오진환's back and shoulderblades !

1TYM is my band !

DEATHGAZE is my band !

I claimed MAJAH FLAVAH 월계수 금사 장식 캡 !

Synyster Gates's solo from Second Heartbeat belongs to me !

Naoto is my adoptee

I got married to
 ♡ Gunji ♡
on June 8th, 2009

meth. is my band !

Golbeza is my band !

XodiacK is my band !

I own 獅子さん !

I own Milo

I own  !

Eros's solid voice belongs to me !

Gunji's blog belongs to me !

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